Winter – Water Element

A time of rest after a busy year of growth and reflection. The Water Element is governed by Kidneys and Bladder. 

Keeping hydrated helps to support both organs aiding their function and preventing infection ie Bladder UTI that can manifest as we work through the seasons. 

Kidneys are active at night therefore if unsettled could lead to dreams or even nightmares. 

Hot drinks keep warmth inside the body. Hot foods such as soups and casseroles as well as porridge will also retain body heat. 

In the summer we tend to drink long drinks so we automatically hydrate. Winter we tend to just have cups of tea and coffee which is not enough volume. Try this recipe for fresh ginger and lemon tea.

Fresh Ginger & Lemon Tea 

Fresh Lemon Juice

2cm Piece of Fresh Ginger

2 teaspoons of Honey

300ml of Boiling water

Mint Leaf for Decoration

Peel and freshly grate fresh ginger into a jug,

Add 2 teaspoons of organic honey and 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon Juice,

Top up to 300ml with boiling water and stir well,

Pour into a glass and serve. Add a mint leaf for a decorative touch.

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